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Baked with Love ...Just like Grandma used to make!
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Printed Chocolate
Susan and Dwane
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We are excited to share written comments we have received from customers who have ordered from us
for various events.
 Here is what they have said......


Thanks again for the fantastic tasty cake, cupcakes and cookies ... and extra cupcakes for Ryan's
Birthday too!  You are so thoughtful!  Thanks for letting me borrow the cake towers to set everything on.

Thank you for your fast and delicious response in December. The client loved your product and was
impressed with the fact that she didn’t have to do anything or go anywhere.

I will certainly try to sell your product more in 2010!  

Thanks again!   

"You are wonderful! My husband was very impressed and many people took your
contact information.


Thank you,"

Thank you for creating chocolates we were proud to give to our classmates - S.H.S. Class of 1964.  The
candy was not only beautiful, but delicious as well.

Thanks you for filling our order exactly as requested, and for living up to our expectations.  We are


P. C.
Reunion committee S.H.S. 1964

The office loved your cookies!  Awesome!

Thank you for the sample cookies.  Mine were wonderful!  I gave out your cards and promise to call you
on my next cookie order.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

The goal and purpose in our business, is to make every item, every gift, everything we provide
for you our customers very special.  

I, Susan Badertscher grew up in a country home with a mother who baked and canned for our family.  It
was a normal thing for us growing up to have all these special treats to enjoy on a regular basis.  Then I
met my husband and his family, and his mother also baked all the time, and both mothers are excellent
cooks and bakers to this day.  It is my goal to not let this tradition die out.  I know a lot of people don't
have the time, and there are those who don't know how to make all these treat we make, but still they
enjoy the great flavor of something being truly homemade.  To be able to provide these treats for our
customers brings me a great delight.  I don't want this to be a lost art.

We are located outside of Springfield, Ohio.  Not far from Dayton or Columbus, Ohio.  Currently I work
from my home, but am working toward opening a shop.  I am very excited about my business, and enjoy
seeing my customers delight with my products.  I am living my dream.  I have always wanted to have a
business of my own and this is the perfect one for me.
Springfield, Ohio