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Baked with Love ...just like Grandma used to make!
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Printed Chocolate
Susan and Dwane
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Handmade Chocolates, Chocolate Pizza, Chocolate Wings, Chocolate Pretzels, Fudge, Nut Clusters...
Springfield, Ohio
Crispie Peanut Butter Balls
New Favorite!  There's nothing quite like these peanut butter
$16.99 per pound
Chocolate Bowl
This is the perfect gift or treat for any occasion.  Bowl made of
chocolate, then choose any of our items to fill it with.
Large $20.00 or  Small $15.00
Chocolate Pizzas
This is quite the pizza.  First you choose your base, white, dark,
milk or sugar free chocolate.
Then you choose your topping, nuts, caramel, raisins, coconut,
sunflower seeds, heath, drizzled chocolate, non parelles,
sprinkles, etc.....
         $12.99 for 8 inch pizza.
Chocolate Wings
What a treat.  If you like something different, this is it.
The Chocolate Wings come in caramel, marshmallow or plain
flavors.  You can choose from white, dark, milk or sugar free
$16.99 per pound.
Chocolate Covered and Candied Pretzels
There's nothing like the sweet-salty flavor of our candied or
chocolate covered pretzels.  You can get them dipped in rich
creamy caramel, then chocolate and rolled in your favorite
topping, or just dipped in your choice of white, dark, milk or
sugar free chocolates.  A hard to resist treat.
$16.99 per pound.
Homemade Fudge
A good old-fashioned favorite.  Made fresh just for you.  
Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Chocolate Pecan, Chocolate
Peanut, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate
Vanilla - whatever your favorite flavor.
$16.99 per pound.
Nut Clusters
Our Nut Clusters are made with or without our creamy rich
caramel.  We use all the different types of nuts, peanuts, pecans,
walnuts, etc.
$16.99 per pound.

Like all of our products, these items can be made up on
trays or in boxes for gifts.